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IRONCAT Introduces ClimaxTM Aerogel Welding Gloves

Cincinnati, OH – In an exclusive arrangement, IRONCAT introduces Climax™ Aerogel, a revolutionary new design in Stick and MIG welding gloves using aerospace technology to provide maximum heat protection and comfort.  Climax™ Aerogel is a high-temperature heat shield, formed of silica aerogel impregnated into a glass-fiber mat, which does not burn or char, yet is hydrophobic, breathable, flexible, and environmentally safe. Climax™ is able to withstand temperatures reaching over 3600˚F (2000˚C).  Our premium IRONCAT gloves, with strategically embedded Climax™ Aerogel shields, are state of the art in heat protection and comfort. 


Climax™ Aerogel Stick Welding Gloves: SKU# 9070/ M-2XL

Stick welding is the staple in the welding industry with a vast number of welders and welding projects.  Potential temperatures during a stick welding project can reach over 2100˚ F.  West Chester Protective Gear has created the ultimate stick welding glove to keep those hands safe from the extreme temperatures. The first of its kind, IRONCAT’s glove is shielded with Climax™ Aerogel inserts for protection and the insulated cow leather extends all the way to the elbow for superior comfort and safety. Field tested and welder approved, this glove has already proven itself with lasting durability in each pair

• Cow leather with goat leather palms and thumb with Climax™ Areogel inserts

• 20" padded cuff for comfort and protection on the forearm and elbow

• Kevlar® stitching throughout the glove

• Pre-curved fingers for outstanding fit, feel and comfort

• Also available as single left hand glove (9070 LHO)


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